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The age of the samurai spans the Kamakura, Muromachi, and Edo periods. From these distinct eras came various types of swords and armor as well as beautiful lacquerware and tea implements.

Our goal is to protect and preserve these treasures not only for today, but for future generations to come.

At Soseido we have accumulated a fine collection of maki-e, the fine art of applying gold and silver expertly to lacquerware, as well as precious stones, which have been treasured by people all over the world as ornamentation and currency since time immemorial.

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Maki-e, the delicate craft of applying gold and silver powder to lacquerware.

Just as fine porcelain was known as "China", lacquerware was referred to as "Japan" when maki-e pieces became highly valued in Europe and around the world from the Momoyama period onward.

Nature’s own works of art.

Since pre-historic times people around the world have used precious stones as ornaments, decorations, and as currency.

These days, as lacquerware is becoming increasingly rare, we invite you to come and familiarize yourself with these wonderful works of art.

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